President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Produce Our Impeachment Play in Your City!

We are already getting inquiries from other groups all over the country interested in mounting their own parallel productions of the ground-breaking, and perhaps historic impeachment play, cowritten by premier impeachment scholar Bruce Fein.
We already have a top notch theater director engaged to make this intiative a reality and are gearing up for a full theatrical world premiere in early May.

Why do a play, don't we want impeachment for real? We're sure if everyone had a chance to hear Bruce Fein speak so articulately and passionately about the urgency of impeachment the public would cry out for it. We're sure if everyone had the evidence and all the facts laid out in one big picture the case for impeachment would be compelling to all.

But just as not that many people saw the talk that Al Gore was giving on climate change, until it was made into the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", with this play we can dramatically bring the constitutional insight of Bruce Fein, as if he were speaking all over the country, and all those overwhelming indicting facts to a much larger audience.

We see this as an inspirational and mobilizing vehicle, as a life imitates art opportunity. And in particular, if we can turn the production of this play into a cultural media phenomenon, we believe it will bring serious discussion of impeachment and its critical urgency to the main stream at last, and may in fact be the catalyst that actually makes impeachment happen.

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