President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

Thursday, August 7, 2008

TV Station to Broadcast Impeachment Play

Thurston Community Television, TCTV, with the help of talented local actor/activists filmed "I - The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush." The play is in the editing process now and will soon be televised in the Olympia, Washington area -- right in the wheelhouse of state legislators. Watch this blog for news of its broadcast -- and a chance to own the dvd yourself!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sam Seder and Bree Walker to "broadcast" news during the play

Noted talk radio hosts Sam Seder and Bree Walker will each record news "broacasts" which we will play during the intermission at the production of I. The "broadcasts" will show how much trouble Messrs. Bush and Cheney are in and how likely they are to be convicted. That is, until the surprising Second Act where Bush rallies, leaving the outcome of the verdict in grave doubt. We thank these patriotic Americans and great talk show hosts for their support of I.

Director Ray Whelan takes the helm!

Noted Director Ray Whelan is taking the helm of the play and will direct its premiere Saturday night, May 17 in San Francisco. Here's a backgrounder on Ray:
• A seasoned director/teacher/actor with strong interpersonal and communication skills reflecting broad experience in theatre, television and radio
• Over 15 years experience in corporate sales and customer service
• Major strengths include problem analysis and resolution, project management and team building


Make presentations to groups of high school and college students regarding courses offered by FIDM.

Selected Accomplishments:
• Consistently received outstanding reports from the educators to whom I presented.

Associate Professor of Drama
YORK UNIVERSITY, Toronto, Canada

Designed "About Directing", a class for directing students that allowed them to progress at their own pace and level. Taught play analysis and Laban movement classes.

Selected accomplishments:
• Expanded student enrollment by 25 percent for three consecutive years.

Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Designed a plan for the innovative theatrical use of an historic courthouse. Raised $2.5 million for its conversion into a theatre complex, complete with a four-star restaurant and bar. Responsible for the planning and execution of the theatrical season. Produced and directed over 30 successful productions.

Selected accomplishments:
• Directed and produced one of Canada’s longest running comedy hits, The Primary English Class, which ran for over two years and toured Canada with two separate companies.
• Nominated Toronto's most prolific and creative director by Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe & Mail.
• Directed plays that won Globe & Mail awards in the categories of Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Foreign Play.

Drama Teacher [K-12]
Ontario Artists in the Schools program

Presented workshops in over 50 public schools. Introduced students to a variety of techniques, such as Stanislavski, Viola Spolin and Rudolf Laban.

Selected accomplishments:
• Designed multi-media opportunity for students to create and perform their own scripts.

Freelance Director and Actor

Directed and/or performed in over 50 productions, including the works of David Mamet, Athol Fugard and George Bernard Shaw, in such venues as The Actors' Studio (New York), L.A. Actors'Theater, and Young Peoples' Theater (Toronto).

Selected accomplishments:
• Cast in leading roles for three consecutive years at Toronto Workshop Productions.


National Account Manager

Solicited print advertising, exhibit booth sales and sponsorships to healthcare corporations. Presented opportunities to marketing executives of national corporations. Followed up with former clients on a regular basis to recommend new opportunities. Prepared and followed up on all contracts. Tracked existing client/customer invoices. Reconciled accounts receivable.

Selected accomplishments:
• Consistently exceed sales targets; surpassed recent Health Forum Conference sales target by 50 per cent

Account Executive

Generated and implemented corporate account requirements, including quality control, and team building oral presentations. Compiled reports, organized conferences and meetings.

Customer Service Representative

Resolved disputes between corporate clients and vendor. Managed travel and accommodation reservations for corporate clients. Researched corporate travel billing disputes.

Selected accomplishments:
• Created a "no-show" travel department, resulting in significant cost savings for corporate clients


Goat Hall Productions
Act as creative consultant. Directed three theatrical productions. Provide general support as required.

St. Gregory's Food Pantry
St. Martin de Pores Soup Kitchen
Interact with members of public in need of support. Ensured cleanliness of facilities. Other duties as required.

Impeachment Play Premieres May 17 in Pelosi's District

It's no secret why Bush has not been impeached. For all her good qualities, Nancy Pelosi has made one catastrophic mistake in blocking the impeachment of this man who is more guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors than any executive to ever hold political office. So, under director Ray Whelan, we are premiering I-The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush in her district to focus a spotlight on her and help bring pressure on her to call for impeachment -- or risk losing her seat in Congress. Ray has now cast the play and is rehearsing professional actors now who will play the roles of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, John Yoo, Pelosi, Valerie Plame, George Tenet, Chief Justice Roberts and others. The Premiere is Saturday night, May 17 to be followed by a Sunday, May 18 matinee and several other performances.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Produce Our Impeachment Play in Your City!

We are already getting inquiries from other groups all over the country interested in mounting their own parallel productions of the ground-breaking, and perhaps historic impeachment play, cowritten by premier impeachment scholar Bruce Fein.
We already have a top notch theater director engaged to make this intiative a reality and are gearing up for a full theatrical world premiere in early May.

Why do a play, don't we want impeachment for real? We're sure if everyone had a chance to hear Bruce Fein speak so articulately and passionately about the urgency of impeachment the public would cry out for it. We're sure if everyone had the evidence and all the facts laid out in one big picture the case for impeachment would be compelling to all.

But just as not that many people saw the talk that Al Gore was giving on climate change, until it was made into the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", with this play we can dramatically bring the constitutional insight of Bruce Fein, as if he were speaking all over the country, and all those overwhelming indicting facts to a much larger audience.

We see this as an inspirational and mobilizing vehicle, as a life imitates art opportunity. And in particular, if we can turn the production of this play into a cultural media phenomenon, we believe it will bring serious discussion of impeachment and its critical urgency to the main stream at last, and may in fact be the catalyst that actually makes impeachment happen.

Monday, March 3, 2008

North Carolina Play Reading in the Wings

The estimable John Heuer, who was the point man for January's impeachment debate that was viewed by an enthusiastic, overflow crowd, is organizing a concert reading of "I -- The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush" at the same venue -- the Carrboro Century Center, near UNC. Watch this space for more details on what is likely to be the political theater event of the season. Ably assisted by graphic design wunderkind Barbara Stanley, the reading is meant to raise awareness, interest and funding for a full production run.

We are by no means limited to North Carolina. If you'd like to find out how to mount a production of the play in your home town, email me at

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taking it to Pelosi

Through the good offices of Cindy Sheehan, we have secured a prime location to rehearse and then mount the production for the months of January and February. The space has been generously and graciously donated by Krissy Keefer. The venue is a 150-seat theater in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The goal is to get Americans to see the play, to get what is happening to our country to spread the word that we, the people, must act and force Nancy Pelosi to take up the issue of impeachment – or face the consequences. By mounting the play in San Francisco around the time of the primary, the local and then national press will be all over it and give her no place to hide.

Now I need to come up with a director and cast. If anyone in the San Francisco theater community has any ideas, please let me know.