President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Criticism from the Right. Thank you!

Even though our play is a couple of months from its first performance, it is already drawing fire from the right. Here's a comment from "The American Pundit" (
Impeachment: The Play
by Brennan
have waaaay too much time on their hands. Now they’ve written a play about the impeachment of President Bush to be performed at George Washington University, which will debut when Congress returns from Christmas vacation. Kucinich is the casting director, and the script has been forwarded to Sean Penn, Ed Asner, Hector Elizondo and Ed Begley, Jr..And word is Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) will perform in the show left-wing circus. Richard Lasser (one of the writers) explains the show:
“I” of course, stands for impeachment. But more importantly, it is the personal pronoun that refers to each one of us. And unless each of us puts pressure on Congress to impeach President Bush, it just won’t happen. As Bush states in the play: “450,000 telegrams told President Nixon he was wrong. 2,000,000 phone calls demanded action. No one’s contacted me except Jenna to tell me she was getting married.”
Not only has Bush committed impeachable crimes; not only has Congress been complicit; but you and I, unless we put pressure on Congress, will bear the ultimate blame. The only way Congress will act is if we make them. That’s the purpose of “I” — to create such a groundswell of publicity that they must act or risk getting humiliated, or even voted out of office for failing to heed the will of all the “I’s” in America.
See, folks? Unless you push Congress to do something that Pelosi, Republicans, and others have said is off the table not once but multiple times, you’re just as guilty of those high crimes and misdemeanors. What crimes? No clue.
MORE: Few other words also starting with an I: imbecile, idiot, idiotarian, insane, idiotic…"

Thank you, American Pundit.

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